Rely on us to get it done!

Our industry experts are available. Whatever the task, day or night, we are on-call to attend to your requests and freight needs.

We will get you on-demand spot rate programs affording the best cost for the day in specific lanes. Our contract programs are set up to enable your company’s revenue to increase.

We are a solutions business.

We are a one-stop shop as a third party logistics provider for your domestic transportation needs. You only have to make a single call to a trusted advisor on our team for guidance on just about anything. We call ourselves “logistics solutions providers” because we can truly arrange for your every need.

We’ll manage your claims.

As a service to our customers, we will assist with filing any claims that arise when we have arranged the transportation of your shipment. Acting as the liaison between your company and the carrier that moved your freight, we collect all the paperwork and submit it to the carrier (or their insurance, depending on the amount of the claim) on your behalf.

Billing happens your way.

Each Genpro customer is unique. Therefore, we strive to match our billing with their accounting. We offer standard options like mail, fax, and email billing, but we can also handle other options such as:

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a quick and easy way to integrate our invoices into your system of choice.
  • Consolidated Invoicing – billing multiple loads all at once, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.

We offer shipment-tracking 24/7/365.

Whether you move a handful of shipments each month or thousands each day you’re able to get the most up-to-date information on your shipment, its schedule, and planned delivery information with a few easy clicks or through scheduled reporting options.